Message Statistics on a System Sentry Screen

The message statistics object provides information on the processes usage of CIMPLICITY Inter-process Communication (IPC.) IPC provides the mechanism by which CIMPLICITY processes send information (such as Point Updates) to each other. As such, these counters indicate the utilization and performance of this critical internal message delivery.

Message Statistics


Messages In

Displays as an accumulated total as well as per second counters in the bar chart and trend chart. Message In is a count of the number of messages received by this process from other CIMPLICITY processes. Typically messaging is directly related to the flow of point data from device communications to other processes. The Messages Out counter displays the number of message sent out of the process.


Indicates the number of times message delivery had to be retried. Message retries occur when the applications mailbox is full and cannot accept more data. Retries should be close to zero in a properly configured application. Excessive retries degrade system performance and can be indicative of messaging bottlenecks. Additionally, retries may be the precursor to the more serious condition of message loss due to overflow.


Indicates the number of mailboxes the process is using. This number will be different for different processes.

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