Step 4. Specify the Address for the System Sentry Device

  1. Select the object, in the Object field, that you want to monitor.

You will see that every object in the system that has counters is available for you to choose.

  1. Select the counter, from the Counter drop down list, that the device point will represent.

  2. Select the instance, in the Instance field, that the counter will count.

The available selections reflect the counter you selected and your system configuration.

Note: The Total option appears whenever a total count can be made. This option enables you to include every system instance that can be counted by the selected counter.

  1. Check the Include Computer Name check box to specify which computer will provide the counter definitions. (The computer on which the System Sentry resides is used when you leave the check box blank.)

Note: Checking this simple check box enables you to specify a SQL Server or remote computer reference.

The Computer Name field displays.

Important: To retrieve counters from remote computers make sure that the CIMPLICITY service can access the remote computer.

This means the service must run as a specific user and the user has to have access to the remote computer.

  1. Enter one of the following:




Whatever server is currently the master. The primary may have been switched, moved, renamed or the secondary may have taken over the master function. If it is the current master, it will be referenced.


Whatever server is currently the slave. The secondary server, may have been switched, moved or renamed. If it is the current slave, it will be referenced.

@<project name>

A project in the system. If the project is not running, the point will be unavailable.

<computer name>

A computer that has the specified name. If the computer is renamed, it will no longer provide the counter definitions.

  1. Click Connect to connect to the specified computer.

  2. Click OK.

The Device tab on the Point Properties dialog box appears displaying your selection in the Address field.

More information

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