System Sentry Device Points

System Sentry device points perform like any other configured device points. What makes them special is they report data, which is collected by internal performance counters, from your internal network systems and projects.

System Sentry obtains its data through an automatically installed System Sentry device that is connected to an automatically installed System Sentry software port. The System Sentry software port can access every counter in the system.

The counters include:

CIMPLICITY counters.

Windows Performance Monitor counters.

SQL Server counters.

Any other counters that reside in the system.

You go through the same steps to create a System Sentry device as you would any other device point for which a port and a device are already installed.

Creating a System Sentry device point is straightforward. 

When the System Sentry is installed, CIMPLICITY automatically installs a System Sentry protocol called PERFREAD.

When you activate the System Sentry in the Project Properties dialog box, CIMPLICITY automatically installs a:

Port called MASTER_PR0.

Device called SYSTEM_SENTRY.

When you create a new System Sentry device point, you simply choose the:

System Sentry device.

Address you want the device to reference.

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