System Sentry Points by Address

System Sentry points by address provide you with the same advantages and limitations as any CIMPLICITY point by address.

Points by address enable you to view raw device information without the overhead of configuring a CIMPLICITY point.

When a user opens a screen in CimView, the point is dynamically created in memory.

When the user closes the screen, the point is dynamically removed from memory.

The benefit of choosing a point by address is that point by address descriptions do not take up memory while they are not in use. This is because they are created and destroyed dynamically. However, there is a small delay during startup for these points to be created.

There are restrictions for point by address descriptions because they only exist while they are being viewed. A point by address:

May only be used in applications like CimView, which directly display point data.

Cannot be alarmed.

Cannot be logged.

Cannot be used in the configuration of another point.

Cannot have engineering units conversion.

In general, a System Sentry point that is frequently used or is referenced by multiple CimView screens should be configured as a CIMPLICITY point. For diagnostic information, which is seldom used and is included in only one screen, a Point by Address is appropriate.

If you choose to use a point by address, you will discover that the System Sentry makes it easy to configure.

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