TADBRoot.Load (method)

Syntax: object.Load HMIProjectName, User_Password
HMIProjectName As String -
CIMPLICITY HMI project name. Project name should be without the .gef extension.
User_Password As String -
Pass the CIMPLICITY User Id and Password separated by a colon (:)
This method connects to the specified CIMPLICITY project and gets the TADB Database connection information. The method will fail if the CIMPLICITY project is not running or it does not have any connection string information.

New in CIMPLICITY 7.0:

It is no longer mandatory to call the Unload method after you are done using using the object loaded using the Load method. The root object is released from memory automatically when it is no longer in use.


Dim oTADBRoot As Object

Set oTADBRoot = CreateObject("TADB.TADBRoot")
If oTADBRoot Is Nothing Then
   MsgBox "Root Object is not created"
End If

oTADBRoot.Load "TRK7", ""
oTADBRoot.Unload "" 'Optional