TADBRoot.UserApplicationName (property)

Syntax: String = object.UserApplicationName
object.UserApplicationName = String
Sets the string that will be appended to the Application Name on the SQL Server connection.
By default, the Application Name on the SQL Server connection is
"CIMPLICITY TADBi " and the name of the containing executable.
For example, this might be "CIMPLICITY TADBi rcosite.exe " or "CIMPLICITY TADBi emrp.exe "
This property allows you to append more detailed information to the Application Name string.


Dim oTADBRoot As Object
Dim oTable As Object

Set oTADBRoot = CreateObject("TADB.TADBRoot")

If oTADBRoot Is Nothing Then
   MsgBox "Root Object is not created"
End If

oTADBRoot.UserApplicationName = "MyScript.bcl"
oTADBRoot.Load "TRK7", ""

oTADBRoot.Unload ""

In this example the full Application Name when connected to SQL Server
might look like "CIMPLICITY TADBi emrp.exe MyScript.bcl"
This property is especially useful when filtering events in SQL Profiler
based on Application Name.