TrkField (object)

ITrkField Interface
TrkField represents one field and forms the object in the TrkFields collection. It represents one individual data item in a record, while TrkFields represents an entire record in the table.


Do not instantiate this object directly. The TrkFields object creates this object when TrkRecord creates TrkFields object. Depending on the number of columns in the table, TrkRecord will create the TrkFields object, which in turn adds one TrkField object for each column in the record.


Dim oField As Object 'For TrkField Object

'Get the records by using TrkTable.ReadDB method...

For Each oField In oTrkRecord.TrkFields
    MsgBox "Field Name: " oField.Name
    MsgBox "Field Value:" & oField.Value"
    MsgBox "Field data type:" & oField.DataType"
    If oField.DataType = 8 then'String
       MsgBox "Field Maximum char Length:" & oField.MaxLength"
    End If

Properties: DataType , MaxLength , Name , Value
Methods: Save