TrkFields (object)

ITrkFields Interface
TrkFields is a collection of TrkField objects. While a TrkField object represents one individual data item in a record, TrkFields represents an entire record in the table.


Do not instantiate this object directly. The TrkRecord object creates this object when reading data from the database or adding a new record to the collection. Depending on the number of columns in the table, TrkRecord will create the TrkFields object and add one TrkField object for each column in the record.


Dim oTADBRoot As Object
Dim oTable As Object
Dim oField As Object
Dim oTrkRecord As Object
Dim idx As Long

Set oTADBRoot = CreateObject("TADB.TADBRoot")

If oTADBRoot Is Nothing Then
   MsgBox "Root Object is not created"
End If

oTADBRoot.Load "TRK7", ""

Set oTable = oTADBRoot.FindTable("VEHICLE ORDER", "BLENDS")
If Not oTable is Nothing
     oTrkTable.ReadDB "Item3"
     For Each oTrkRecord In oTrkTable.TrkRecords
        MsgBox "Record ID: " & oTrkRecord.ID
        For idx = 1 To oTrkFields.Count
           Set oField = oTrkFields.Item(idx)
           If Not oField Is Nothing Then
              MsgBox "Field Name: " & oField.Name & "Field Value:" & oField.Value
           End If
   'Table does not exist for this Type or Group...
End If
Methods: Count , Item