TrkItemTypeGroup (object)

ITrkItemTypeGroup Interface
The Tracker Configuration Utility generates Item type groups according to the application design and stores them in the source database. TrkItemTypeGroup is used to classify Item attributes in specific groups. The object encapsulates the Tracker Item type group information. You can use this object to have read-only access to the Tracker Item type groups. The TADB Interface currently does not allow to add/delete/modify Item type groups.

Important Note:

The Save method is reserved for future use and should not be used in a script.


Dim oTrkItemTypeGroup As Object

Set oTrkItemTypeGroup = oTrkItemType.TrkItemTypeGroups.Item("Body IDs")
MsgBox "Attribute Name:" & oTrkItemTypeGroup.Name

Properties: ItemTypeID , Name , TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs , TrkTable , Type