TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs (object)

ITrkItemTypeGroupAttribs Interface
This is a collection of TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs metadata objects.

TrkItemTypeGroupAttrib objects are loaded from the database into this collection when the TADBRoot.Load method is called.

Each attribute has a unique name within a group, so the globally unique attribute name is identified by a group name separated from the the attribute name by a "." (dot)

Important Note:

Currently not implemeted and is intended for future use only.


Dim oTrkItemTypeGroup As Object
Dim oGroupAttrib As Object

Set oTrkItemTypeGroup = oTrkItemType.TrkItemTypeGroups.Item("Body IDs")
For each oGroupAttrib in oTrkItemTypeGroup.TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs
   MsgBox "Attribute Name:" & oGroupAttrib.Name

Methods: Count , Item