TrkRecord.TrkFields (read-only property)

property TrkFields
Syntax: TrkFields = object.TrkFields
TrkFields returns the collection of all fields associated with a TrkRecord object. The TrkFields object contains all the columns of the table, each represented by a TrkField object, along with the data in the database for those columns. It is used to access the individual data items in the table for manipulation.


oTrkTable.ReadDB "Item3"
Set oTrkRecord = oTrkTable.TrkRecords.Add()
If Not oTrkRecord is Nothing then
    MsgBox "Records Index:" & oTrkRecord.ID
    oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item("id").Value = "Item4"
    oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item("Check Digit").Value = "A1"
    oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item("CID").Value = "B2"
    oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item("Smart Eye ID").Value = "1234"
    oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item("Transponder ID").Value = "5678"
    oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item("Transponder Programmed").Value = "12/01/2002"
  'Record object is empty...
End If