TrkTable (object)

ITrkTable Interface
A TrkTable object contains Tracker attribute data. Each TrkTable is either a "Normal" Table or a "List" Table.

A Normal table has set of attributes associated with a unique Item ID. A record in this table is uniquely identified by an Item ID. A List table has a set of attributes associated with an Item ID. A record in this table is uniquely identified by one or more attributes along with an Item ID. The unique key is often a composite key.

A table can have a lookup table for higher level of normalization. If the HasALookup property of this object is True, then this table has a lookup (master) table.

To access records in a table, first call the ReadDB method, and then traverse through the TrkRecords collection object to access individual records of the table.

Each table has an Item ID as record field. To add a new record, provide the Item ID.


Dim oTADBRoot As Object
Dim oTrkTable As Object
Dim oTrkRecord As Object
Dim oTrkField As Object

Set oTADBRoot = CreateObject("TADB.TADBRoot")

If oTADBRoot Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "Root Object is not created"
End If

oTADBRoot.Load "TRK7", ""

Set oTrkTable = oTADBRoot.FindTable("VEHICLE ORDER", "PARTS")
If Not oTrkTable Is Nothing Then
    'TrkTable Found ...
    If oTrkTable.HasALookup Then
       If MsgBox ("Do you want lookup table data?", 4) <> 6 Then 'If not Press 'Yes'
          oTrkTable.WantLookup = False
       End If
    End If
    'now read data from database....
    oTrkTable.ReadDB "Item3"

    For Each oTrkRecord In oTrkTable.TrkRecords
       MsgBox "Record ID: " & oTrkRecord.ID
       For idx = 1 To oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Count
          Set oTrkField = oTrkRecord.TrkFields.Item(idx)
          If Not oTrkField Is Nothing Then
             MsgBox "Field Name: " & oTrkField.Name & "Field Value:" & oTrkField.Value
          End If
    'Table Not found
End If

Properties: HasALookup , IsLookup , Name , TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs , TrkRecords , WantLookup
Methods: ApplyUpdate , ReadDB , RemoveAll