TrkTable.TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs (read-only property)

property TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs
Syntax: TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs = object.TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs
Returns a TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs collection object of TrkItemTypeGroupAttrib metadata objects for this table. If the WantLookup property is set to true, this collection contains the attributes list of the parent table as well as lookup table, if it exist. To get this collection object, call the ReadDB method first, because this method processes metadata to create the collection of TrkItemTypeGroupAttrib.


Dim oTADBRoot As Object
Dim oTrkTable As Object
Dim oGroupAttrib As Object
'Get Table from Collection of TrkTables
Set oTrkTable = oTADBRoot.TrkTables.Item("GroupAttribs^VEHICLE ORDER^Parts")
If Not oTrkTable Is Nothing Then
oTrkTable.WantLookup = False
     For Each oGroupAttrib in oTrkTable.TrkItemTypeGroupAttribs
        MsgBox "Attribute Name: " & oGroupAttrib.Name
    'Table Not found
End If