About Microsoft Terminal Services and CIMPLICITY

When you set up a CIMPLICITY server as a Terminal Services server, you can use the CIMPLICITY Web site to make use of the Terminal Services features.

Microsoft provides extensive documentation for Terminal Services, both in the Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 documentation and at the Microsoft web site.

In that documentation, Terminal Services is defined as follows:

Windows XP Terminal Services

Windows XP provides Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client),

Windows 2003 Terminal Services

Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003 provides new options for application deployment, more efficient access to data over low bandwidth, reuse of older hardware, remote management, and other tasks."

Microsoft offers three client options:

Client Option

Provides a Direct Connection through a

Full client

Desktop PC

Advanced client

Web browser on a desktop PC

Windows CE Client

Windows CE device.

 Tip: Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2003 help provides detailed information about Terminal Services.

In addition, you will find the most current information at the Microsoft web site.

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