License 2. Obtain CIMPLICITY Projects through Terminal Services Licenses

GE Fanuc provides licenses that enable Terminal Services clients to work with CIMPLICITY projects. The CIMPLICITY Terminal Services software resides on the Terminal Server.

You can purchase CIMPLICITY Terminal Services licenses in the following categories:


5-pack (5-sessions)

10-pack (10-sessions)

25-pack (25-sessions)

50-pack (50-sessions)

 Note: GE Fanuc offers a maximum of 50 licenses for each Terminal Services server.

A session is counted as using a license if it

Has any connection to projects.

Is attempting connections to projects or

Is running the Workbench.

Note: A client session can: run multiple copies of the Workbench, connect to multiple projects and use only one license.

When a client attempts to access a CIMPLICITY project, CIMPLICITY checks to see if there is an available client license.

If a license is available, the client can connect to the project. If a license is not available, an out-of-licenses message displays.

More information

Step 1. Obtain the appropriate licenses.