Step 5. Use CIMPLICITY through a Terminal Services Session

Users who have the required licenses can work with CIMPLICITY through the Terminal Services options.

CIMPLICITY can be used almost the same as if a user is sitting at the project's PC when any Terminal Services session is being used.

A Windows CE pocket PC will most likely have some physical limitations.

There are some guidelines, mainly to insure the proper implementation of project revisions if multiple users are working with a project at the same time through Terminal Services sessions.

Option 5.1

Full Remote Desktop Protocol connection.

Option 5.2

Remote Desktop Protocol Web connection.

Option 5.3

Windows CE and Remote Desktop Connection.

Guidelines for CIMPLICITY Projects through Terminal Services

A user can control any feature on the Terminal Services server for which he or she has authorization.

Users can work with CIMPLICITY the same way they would if they were sitting at the Terminal Services server.

  1. Each CIMPLICITY Terminal Services client session can be different from other sessions that may be open at the same time. Differences can include the CIMPLICITY applications a client works with and displays on client screens.


If two clients display the Workbench on each desktop and one user closes the Workbench, the second client desktop continues to display the Workbench.

  1. Any changes made to CIMPLICITY during all client sessions go directly into the CIMPLICITY database.

  2. All projects run in the global session on a CIMPLICITY Terminal Services server-CIMPLICITY server. Therefore, if several people are working on a project and one person stops it, the project stops for all of them.

Two effects are:

  1. If a client user with configuration privileges is involved in configuration, e.g. creating a new point, the dynamic configuration is no longer running. The user will have to do a configuration update in order to implement the changes.

  2. Runtime applications for the project that shuts down will either:

No longer display data if more than one project is running (so the router is still running) or

Shut down if there was only one project running (and the router has stopped).

  1. When the router stops on a CIMPLICITY Terminal Services server-CIMPLICITY client, runtime applications stop on the Terminal Services server and for all CIMPLICITY Terminal Services clients.

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