/server <server-name>[:<port>]

/server <server-name>[:<port>] enables you to specify the name of the ThinView server.

<server-name> is the ThinView server hostname or address to which a connection should be made.

:<port> is the TCP port on which the specified ThinView server should be listening.

Setting the port is optional if it is 10212. If, in the rare condition that the port is different from 10212, made clear by an administrator of the ThinView server, then you must enter :<port>.




/server albsurt2

The TCP Port is 10212.

/server albsurt2:10214

The TCP Port is different from 10212.

Tip. To determine the server IP address:

  1. Open a DOS window.

  2. Type Ping <server name> at the command prompt.

Windows displays the server address.

More information

ThinView Server and Client command line options.