Review ThinView Log Files

A ThinView log file has a CSV format with headers that describe each field. The fields are:


Describes the


Date and time record was logged. (Note: when viewing the CSV file in Microsoft Excel, Excel will display the time without the seconds. You can change the cell formatting in Excel to display the seconds as well.)


Type of event record as described below

Client Type

Type of session where:







User IP Address

IP address the client reported

User Host

Host name the client reported

Socket IP Address

IP address of the accepted socket

Socket Host

Reverse resolved host name of the accepted socket

Session ID

ID of the session


Initial screen requested

Three types of events are logged:


Is logged when


The ThinView server accepts a connection request from a client. The only valid fields in this record are Time, Socket IP Address, and Socket Host.


CimView is started for a session. All the fields are valid in this record.


A ThinView client reconnects to its previous session.

Tip: In general, you will see an Accept followed by a Start record for each client connection. In some cases, you will see only an Accept record. This typically indicates that there were too many users connected and the client was refused a session. If this happens frequently you may want to increase the number of users allowed.

More information

ThinView Log files.