Step 2. Copy the Windows Folder to the ThinView CE Device

  1. Open Windows Explorer on your desktop PC.

  2. Expand the ...\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\Extras directory in the Windows Explorer left pane.

Subfolders include:



  1. Expand the ViewStation folder.

The ViewStation folder contains the Windows folder.

The Windows folder includes the following:

mfcce211.dll file.

ThinView.htm file.

Programs folder.

CIMPLICITY ThinView folder, which contains the ThinView.exe file.

  1. Copy the Windows folder to the My Computer directory on the ThinView CE.

Result: All of the Windows subfolders and files are copied over. If a Windows folder already exists on the ThinView CE, subfolders and files are copied into that folder.

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3. Copy the expanded files.