Step 2. Adapt the Wireless Windows CE Device to Work with Access Points.

  1. Turn on the handheld PC in the vicinity of an Access Point. The location (e.g. a factory or outdoors) determines the actual distance.

The distance you can move away from the Access Point depends on several factors that include the amount and type of noise and other interference in the environment. If you are in the middle of a highly mechanized factory floor, most likely, you will need to be closer to the Access Point than when you are in a moderately active warehouse environment.

  1. Insert the wireless PC card (that comes with ThinView) into the handheld PC or tablet.

If a dialog box appears asking you for the driver name, type PROXIM.

If a Network Settings dialog box appears, enter the network settings provided to you by your network administrator.

Note: A RangeLAN2 Status Monitor icon appears on the Windows CE taskbar.


Indicates that the wireless (Ethernet or PC) Card:

Is looking for a Master.

Has successfully synchronized to a Master.

Has not found a Master with which to synchronize.

  1. (On the ThinView server computer) Verify that you can ping the Windows CE client PC.

  2. Click the ThinView icon on the Windows CE device desktop. (ThinView comes pre-installed.)

  3. (First time or when the information changes) Enter the server name or address and CimView screen file name and path (on the server) in the Connect to CIMPLICITY Server dialog box.

  4. Click OK.

Result: A message informs you of the connection status between the handheld PC and the server. When the initial image appears, you can interact with CimView screens on the Windows CE device.

More information

About a wireless PC to server connection.

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