Make a ThinView Icon Open a Specified CimView Screen

  1. Do one of the following:

Note: The option you use depends on the Windows CE device features.

Press Alt or

Tap on the left icon bar.

  1.  Tap the Windows CE desktop.

  2. Select Properties from the popup menu.

  3. Select the Shortcut tab.

The path to ThinView.exe appears in the Target field.

  1. Enter after the ThinView.exe path (outside the quotation marks):

/server <server-name>[:port] /screen <pathname>

in the Target field.


/server <server name>[:port] are the name and the TCP Port, if it is different from the default 10212, to which ThinView is connecting. (The square brackets indicate that the entry is not usually required.)

/screen <pathname> are the path and name of the screen on the server that should initially open.


"\Program Files\CIMPLICITY ThinView\ThinView.exe" /server albrest4 /screen d:\screens\applied.cim


"\Program Files\CIMPLICITY ThinView\ThinView.exe" is the path on the Windows CE device to ThinView.exe.

albrest4 is the name of the ThinView server.

d:\screens\applied.cim is the path and name of the initial screen.

More information

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