Determine the Form of Addressing Used to Configure Points for the Enabler

Valid forms of addressing are as follows:

Standard Addressing

For standardized addressing, the number and name for each supported model is predefined in the configuration file, domain.cfg. The point address is of the form DOMAIN_NAME and an offset.

Custom Addressing

For customized addressing, a free-format field of ASCII characters is used to specify a point address.

Do not use *, - or | in the address field as they have a special meaning in the configuration files.


No checks are performed at configuration time to determine whether the format of the address is correct. It is the enabler's responsibility to validate the point address and translate the address into a domain and offset.


This function is accomplished in a user-provided routine. When customized addressing is used, domain.cfg is not used by the enabler or application configuration, but a domain.cfg should still exist. The file may be empty.

More information

Decisions to be made prior to implementing an Enabler.