Determine the List of Supported Features

Features are defined on a protocol basis, but may be further limited on a device basis. Supported features are listed below:

Perform verification based on model

Supporting this functions allows the enabler to attempt model-specific verification for each device.

Support reading data from device memory

Supporting this function allows the enabler to attempt to read data from the device's memory.

Support writing data to device memory

This function must be supported if setpoints are to work. When writing bit-data, the data must first be read before the data will be written.

Support read of unsolicited data from the device

Support of this function permits the enabler to support unsolicited requests from the device.

User-defined determination of device status

If this feature is not selected, the enabler determines device status based on the success of reading the device's memory. If, after the configured number of retries, the read is unsuccessful, the device is considered to be down and a $DEVICE_DOWN alarm is generated.

More information

Decisions to be made prior to implementing an Enabler.