1. Identify the Protocol and Model Information

Process overview.

Special characters In configuration files.

Definition of terms.

Process Overview

When you add a new driver, you will need to:

  1. Add entries to the Registry for the new devcom.

  2. Define the protocol in <product>.proto.

  3. Define the device models in <product>.model.

  4. Copy <product>.proto and <product>.model to %BSM_ROOT%\bsm_data.

  5. Create domain.cfg.

  6. Merge the devcomm's domain.cfg file with the current domain.cfg file in the project's %SITE_ROOT%\master and %SITE_ROOT%\data directories.

Special Characters In Configuration Files

Some characters have special significance in CIMPLICITY configuration files and should only be used in the following ways:

Vertical Bar


The vertical bar is interpreted as a field delimiter. This character should be avoided.



The dash is interpreted as a continuation character when placed at the end of a line of an ASCII configuration file. Users should avoid placing a dash at the end of a field of configuration data.



The asterisk is interpreted as a comment character when positioned in the first position of a record. Users should avoid placing an asterisk as the first character of identifiers.

The first line in the <product>.proto, <product>.model, and domain.cfg files must consist solely of these characters in this order:


Do not use any of these characters in the data fields of those configuration files.

Definition of Terms

You should understand the following terms:

Port Prefix

Three to six character prefix used to identify ports of the same type.


 Note: Port Prefix and Port Type are used interchangeably.


Common name used to refer to the protocol supported by the enabler.

Master Directory


Data Directory


More information

Add a new driver.