4. Define the Model

<product> model file.

Sample configuration file.

Model field definitions.

<product> model file

The <product>.model file defines the device models supported by a protocol. Each combination of protocol and model must be defined in a separate record.

Important: Model numbers must be unique across CIMPLICITY. If you have more than one protocol, you cannot re-use the same model number in different <product>.model  files.

Application configuration uses this information during device configuration to generate the list of models that can be configured for a device executing on a port running the given protocol.

Sample Configuration File

To define a pair of models, Model A1 and Model A1-Plus that are valid for the SLP protocol, the entries would be as follows:


SLP|Model A1|500

SLP|Model A1-Plus|501

Model Field Definitions

The records in this file contain the following fields.




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