6. Merge the Domain Configuration File into a Project

After you have defined the domain.cfg file for the enabler, you need to merge the information in this file into the domain.cfg file for each project where you want to use the enabler. To do this:

  1. From the CIMPLICITY Workbench for the project, select Command Prompt... from the Tools menu.

This will ensure that you environment variables (in particular %BSM_ROOT% and %SITE_ROOT% are set correctly.

  1. To update or create the domain.cfg file in %SITE_ROOT%\master, you need to do one of the following:

  1. If you currently have a %SITE_ROOT%\master\domain.cfg file, issue the following commands to merge the domain information for your new enabler:

cd %SITE_ROOT%\master

notepad domain.cfg

  1. In the Notepad window, copy the information from your domain.cfg into the opened file.

  2. Close and save the modified domain.cfg file.

  3. If you do not have a %SITE_ROOT%\master\domain.cfg file, copy your domain.cfg file to the %SITE_ROOT%\master directory.

  1. Issue the following command to copy the updated domain.cfg file to %SITE_ROOT%\data:

copy domain.cfg %SITE_ROOT%\data

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