Defines the device-specific characteristics for the accessible memory on the device.

Accessible memory sharing the same characteristics, and which can be read contiguously, is typically grouped together to form a domain. Elements within a domain must be readable/writable by a single request to read or write via user_read_data() and user_write_data().

You can find the template for this subroutine in:



void user_device_info(device_struct, num_domains,

        domain, supported, comm_status, status)

DEVICE_DATA *device_struct;

int *num_domains;


SUPPORT *supported;

int *comm_status;

int *status;

Input Parameters


Is a pointer to the structure defining device data. DEVICE_DATA is a typedef to a structure defined in <inc_path/toolkit.h>.

Output Parameters


Is the number of domains defined for the device.


Is a pointer to an array of domain structures which define the characteristics of each group of memory locations.

There are TOOLKIT_MAX_NUM_DOMAIN elements in the structure. The first domain element is domain[0], and all elements through domain[*num_domains - 1] should contain valid data.

DOMAIN_ARRAY is a typedef to a structure defined in <inc_path/toolkit.h>.


Is a pointer to a structure defining the supported options for the device. SUPPORT is a typedef to a structure defined in <inc_path/toolkit.h>.


Indicates whether a status of TOOLKIT_FAILURE occurred as a result of a communication failure. Valid values are:


Failure is not due to communications failure.


Failure is due to communications failure.


Indicates whether the function successfully obtained all of the requested information. Valid values are:


Function completed successfully.


Function did not complete successfully. Check comm_status to see if the failure was the result of a communication failure.

Return Value


Programming Note

The default value for each option is the value set in user_protocol_info(). A field whose value is TOOLKIT_NO cannot be reset to TOOLKIT_YES in this function. If the value for a return by user_protocol_info() is TOOLKIT_NO and it is reset to TOOLKIT_YES in this function, the new value is ignored.

More information

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