Communication Configuration Checklist

Please follow these instructions for configuring your Ethernet configuration prior to trying to use this communication interface. If your PC and/or programmable controllers are to be connected to a standardized or company-wide network, please contact your network administrator for the specific hostnames, IP addresses and socket port numbers used in your setup.
Install an Ethernet card in your PC.

  1. Configure the minimum TCP/IP Communications for your PC. This includes assigning a name and TCP/IP address for the computer.

Note: By default, if your computer has multiple Ethernet cards installed, the first connection configured for access by network services is used. An alternate card may be configured for each Toyopuc port. See Toyopuc Global Parameters for more details.

  1. Assign a TCP/IP address and socket port for each TCP/IP connection to be used on your Toyopuc PC2 Series programmable controller.

  2. Setup each EN-IF Ethernet card that will be used to communicate with CIMPLICITY .

  3. Configure the TCP/IP address for each connection to a Toyopuc PC2 series programmable controller in the host file. (See Device Address specification for additional information)

  4. Verify Ethernet connectivity to the each Toyopuc PC2 connection that has a unique IP address by pinging the processor. Using the name configured for the programmable controller, execute the command

ping <name>

  1. Using the test program, toyopuc_diag, included with this software distribution, verify communications with each PC2 programmer for each connection that will be used in your CIMPLICITY application.

  2. Develop and run your CIMPLICITY application that collects data from Toyopuc PC2 Series programmable controllers.

More information

About Toyopuc Ethernet Device Communication module.