The diagnostic program, toyopuc_diag, may be use to read and write data to a Toyopuc PC2 series programmable controller, accessible via Ethernet (including those networked to such a programmable controller via ME-NET or HPC).

To use the diagnostic program, you will first need to go to the configuration cabinet for your project and do the following:

  1. Open your project in the CIMPLICITY Workbench.

  2. Select Command Prompt, from the Tools menu, to open an MS-DOS window.

  3. In the MS-DOS window, type the following at the MS-DOS prompt:

toyopuc_diag <device_address> <memory_address> <element_count> <command> [ data]

(The typed line is on two lines here for display purpose. Type it on one line at the MS-DOS prompt.)

 Note: Please review the sections of this document titled Device Address Specification for the format of the device address, and the section titled Toyopuc Supported Memory Types for the format and range of memory addresses.

The available commands are:


Read the data and display results in decimal


Read the data and display results in hex


Write the data. Values to be written are entered in decimal.


Write the data. Values to be written are entered in hex

To read the first 3 data registers on the programmable controller Toyopuc accessible through socket port 4096, the following command would be entered at the DOS prompt.

toyopuc_diag toyopuc/4096 d0 3 –r

For example, the following command would be used to write to the first 3 data registers on the Toyopuc programmable controller (setting d0 to 100, d1 to 200 and d2 to 300):

Toyopuc_diag toyopuc/4096 d0 3 –w 100 200 300

Multiple Ethernet Cards

If you have multiple Ethernet cards and do no want to use the first one configured for network access:

  1. Configure a hostname to correspond with the TCP/IP address for the Ethernet card to be used by the diagnostic.

  2. Set the environment variable TOYOPUC_BIND_ADDR to the hostname configured in Step 1.

For example, if the second Ethernet card is configured to the TCP/IP address and the hostname for that address is MYPC2, then the following command is entered in the command prompt:


More information

About Toyopuc Ethernet Device Communication module.