Toyopuc Port Configuration

When you configure a port for Toyopuc Ethernet communications, the New Port dialog box opens.

Use the General Properties tab to enter general information for the port. You can define the following:


Enter an optional description to help you identify the port.

Scan Rate

Enter the base scan rate for the port. Point scan rates will be multiples of the base rate.


You can specify a scan rate in Ticks (100 ticks = 1 second), Seconds, Minutes, or Hours.

Retry Count

If communications cannot be established to a device on this port, the device is considered to be down and a $DEVICE_DOWN alarm is generated. Once a device is down, periodic attempts are made to resume connection to it.


Enter the number of scans to wait before attempting to reconnect to a device on this port after a communications error is detected.


Set this check box if you want the port to be enabled when the project starts. If you clear this check box, the port will not be enabled when the project starts, and points will not be available for devices on the port.

More information

CIMPLICITY configuration for Toyopuc.