Step 5. Add/Publish an ASCII Form

The ASCII Form file must be published/added to the project in order for it to be available during runtime.

  1. Right-click ASCII Forms in the TrackerCfg_UI left pane.

  2. Select Add/Publish on the popup menu.

The Add /Update ASCII Form dialog box opens.

  1. Click the Open button to the right of the ASCII Form field.

The Select the ASCII Form dialog box opens.

  1. Open the  <Project Name>\CIMForms\ASCIIForms\Working folder.

  1. Select a file to add/publish for Broadcast.

Note: File types to select from are:

CimForms ASCII Form files (*.caf)

Files that were created and saved or were edited and saved as *.caf files in the in the CimForms Text Editor.

All Files (*.*)

All text files.

Note: Text files that have been successfully compiled can be selected.

  1. Click Open.

The path and file name display in the ASCII Form field in the Add /Update ASCII Form dialog box.

The options are as follows.




Path and file name are automatically filled in when the file is selected in the Select the ASCII Form dialog box.

Path and filename can also be typed in.

Control Character Token File

Will be associated with the ASCII form during runtime.

The file will provide direction for printer output.

Save Form As

Check to be able to change the name of the form.


Broadcast saves the file as a .caf file.

You do not need to include the file extension.

  1. Click OK.

An ASCII Form Properties dialog box opens.

  1. The ASCII Form Properties dialog box provides the following information.



Form Name

Name of the selected file or of the name entered in the Save As field.

Read only

Form Version

Count of the number of times the file has been published.

Read only

Form Description

Description that will help users know the content and intended use of the added file.


Control Character Token File

File associated with the ASCII form to provide direction for the printer.

Read only

Control Character Token File Version

Count of the number of times the associated Control Character Token file has been published.


Published Date and Time

Last time the file was published.

Read only

Published User

Windows logged in User ID

Read only

  1. Click OK.

Result: When you add/publish an ASCII form the Broadcast:

  1. Adds the file to the list of published files in the TrackerCfg_UI right pane.

  1. Saves the file in the <Project Name>\CIMForms\ASCIIForms\prod folder.

  1. You can update or delete a published form.

Option 5.1

Update a published ASCII form.

Option 5.2

Delete a published ASCII form.

More information

ASCII form configuration.