Step 1. Create a Broadcast Form Site

  1. Right-click the top folder in the TrackerCfg_UI.

  2. Select the following on the popup menu.

  1. Select Lock

  2. Select New>Folder to create a new folder.

A new folder is created.

  1. Name the folder, e.g. BCO_SITE.

  1. Create a new site (routing control object) as follows.

  1. Right-click BCO_SITE.

  2. Select New>Routing Control Object.

A new site is created.

  1. Configure the following fields.






Name of  the new Routing Control Logic.


Resource ID

Resource ID used by the Routing Control Logic.


RLM Point

The RLM point must be:



The same name as your Routing Control Object

A virtual point

A Text point.

More information

About Broadcast function blocks.