Order Execution Management. Broadcast Components Overview

All Order Execution Mgt. Broadcast output devices are connected over the Ethernet, either via direct connection or through a serial or parallel terminal server.

Features overview

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Features Overview

Tracker Broadcast contains:

Broadcast Form tools that include a WYSIWYG Graphical Editor.

The WYSIWYG tool contains a graphical formatting tool. enables a user to create forms and data streams to define data including:


One and two dimensional bar codes



A user can preview and test the functionality and output the data to configurable printers.

Note: Broadcast treats all devices as Windows print.

Broadcast device groups to associate available resources in a CIMPLICITY project with selected printers.

BCO function blocks to direct the flow of printing forms.

Queue Manager that enables a user to manage and keep track of broadcast jobs, suspend, resume and cancel broadcast jobs, resend jobs and alarm on error. Broadcast queue manager is Web enabled.

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Broadcast troubleshooting.

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