Step 3.2. Create a Virtual Install Directory

  1. Click Next on the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard's Welcome dialog box.

The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard’s Virtual Directory Alias screen opens.

  1. Type in some alias name for the virtual directory.

  1. Click Next.

The Web Site Content Directory screen opens.

  1. Click Browse.

  2. Select \...CIMPLICITY\webpages\<virtual directory>.


...CIMPLICITY is the location of your CIMPLICITY installation.

  1. Click Next.

The Access permissions screen opens.

  1. Check the following options.


Run scripts (such as ASO)

Execute (such as ISAP applications of CGI)


  1. Click Next.

The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard’s You have successfully completed the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard screen opens.

  1. Click Finish.

Result: The virtual directory you created displays in the Default Web Site list.

More information

Step 3. Create a Virtual install directory.