BQM_Alr begins executing when the project starts.


Is located in the CIMPLICITY process control.

Picks the job from the directory and posts it to specific device.

BQM_Alr debug file.

BQM_Alr debug information.

BQM_Alr debug file

If Debug_Bqma=1 is in debugbco.txt.


Generates a debug file named ErrorInBQM_ALR_<ProjectName>.err.

Places the file in c:\TEMP.

BQM_Alr Debug information

Information in ErrorInBQM_ALR_<ProjectName>.err includes:

Success conditions

Data about successfully printing and moving the job from the Active to the History folder is located after the statements.

In GetCMAData

In GetDevList

Failure conditions

Data about failure conditions includes:

Missing data is located after the statements:



Search for token “PATH:” and the path should be <SpoolLocation>\<ProjectName>\ACTIVE\<DeviceName>.


Path: C:\Temp\IBC1\Yane\Active\FINEPRINT1

Search for tokens “pPrinterInfo->Status: ” & “pJob->Status: ”

If any one token is not 0, there is an Error State on the device.

Search for token “No of GenFlds: ” & “No of TokensInFile: ”.

If the count does not match, the uob will be moved to an Invalid directory.

More information

BQMAlr debug sample.

Broadcast debug files.