Option Use Tracker Attributes for External Broadcast Data
  1. Click External on the Data Source tab in the Text Object Properties dialog box.

  2. Select Tracker in the Type field.

  3. Enter a Tracker attribute in the Attribute Name field, e.g. an attribute listed in the Attribute Maintenance dialog box

  1. Click Static on the Data Source tab.

Note: You can enter static text in addition to selecting system or external data sources. This enables you to describe the selected source so the source can be easily identified.

  1. Enter text that describes the source in the Text box.

  1. (Optional) Revise the font, border and position specifications to accommodate the text requirements.

Note: This can be done during any stage to the form design.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The text that was entered as static text displays on the form. The value of the selected attribute will replace this text when the form is broadcast.

More information

Option 5.3.3. Select an external option as the text object data source.