Option Options for Codabar Symbology

Options for Codabar symbology include:



Check Digit

A modulo 16 check character can be used to enhance data security for Codabar symbols. When this option is selected, the last digit of the symbol is assumed to be the check digit, and it is compared to a calculated check digit to verify the symbol.


When this option is selected, a "D" stop character is used to indicate  that the data from the symbol should be concatenated with data from an adjacent symbol with a "D" start character.  This option can concatenate any number of Codabar symbols in a row up to the maximum message length.  The "D" characters are omitted.

Traditional Names

The traditional names ascribed different start and stop characters.  The start characters are "a", "b", "c", and "d".  The stop characters are "t", "n", "*", and "e".  The standard start/stop characters are "A", "B", "C", and "D".

Special Characters

When calling the DLLs, use the following keyboard characters in the input string to insert the Special Characters:  A (Alt+065), B (Alt+066), C (Alt+067), and D (Alt+068).

More information

Option 6.4.3. Configure a Codabar Bar Code.