Option 7.2.3. Format a Rectangle's Border and Fill
  1. Open a selected rectangle's Rectangle Object Properties dialog box.

  2. Select the Border tab.

  1. Select colors and fill as follows.



Line Color

Rectangle's primary border color.

Line color:

Displays if you select a solid line.

Is the primary color if you select a dash or dotted line.

Fill Color

Color in the rectangle's area

Background color

Rectangle's secondary border color if a dash or dotted line is selected.

Line width

Width in points.

Line Style

Selections include:

Solid line

Variety of dash and dot styles

Blank entry for no line

Note: Colors for all color fields include:

Basic selections

Custom color that opens a color palette in which you can define the color you want.

  1. Click Apply to apply your changes.

  2. Click OK.

Result: The rectangle is formatted with your selections.

More information

Option 7.2. Create a rectangle object.