Option 9.1.2. Enter PRT Graphics Global Information

  1. Select the Global tab in the PRT Graphic Display Configuration dialog box.




(Required for the prtcnt.exe configuration)

Forces the counters to do a global update, when the reset point is updated.

A reset point can be any type.

When a user changes the reset point value, prtcnt recounts all items.

Important: Do not use the Add, Modify or Delete points that you select on this tab as the reset point.

Refresh Rate

The interval between automatic counter updates.

Minimum is 500 milliseconds.

Add, Modify and Delete

Interested process update points. These points get updated when a PRT item anywhere in the tracking model is modified, added or deleted.

Each point should be  a string.

The point contents are:

<Item id>, <Numeric Event code>, <String Event code>.

When there is an add, modify or delete the specified point will be updated with the data, item ID, numeric event code, string event code.

Tip: Add the point to the Point Control Panel and view its value when you perform the related action in the PRT_UI.



2.   Click OK.

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