10. PRT and CIMPLICITY Software Interface Components

PRT interfaces with CIMPLICITY processes including:

Point management.

Alarm management.

Application processes.

CimEdit/CimView user interface.

Point Management Process and PRT Process

PRT interfaces with CIMPLICITY's Point Management module in order to receive CIMPLICITY Point data values. PRT is capable of receiving Point data from multiple Point Management processes.

Configuration data specifies the information Production Tracking will provide to Point Management.

The interface with Point Management:

Transfers information on Items entering and exiting Tracking Regions

Provides Point Management with information on Tracking Region status

Calculates the quantity of Items in a Tracking Region and the quantity of Items by type in a Tracking Region.

Alarm Management Process to PRT Process

PRT interfaces with Alarm Management for notification of alarm conditions. PRT can be configured to generate alarms when exception conditions are encountered as Items are tracked. Users are notified of CIMPLICITY alarms based on their assigned role and their view of configured Resources.

Application Process to PRT Process

PRT accepts unsolicited messages from application processes requesting Item and Tracking Region data. Messages are also accepted requesting Item tracking data and Tracking Region data modifications. Application processes can send messages to PRT to initiate production start for serialized and non-serialized Items. Application processes will communicate to PRT through a limited set of PRT application functions used to send the requests.

User Interface (CimEdit/CimView) to PRT Process

Your tracking system can be viewed graphically using the CIMPLICITY CimView module. Custom displays and scripts can be created to show a detailed view of your production process. Also provided with Tracker is the PRT User Interface, which provides a view of all the regions and corresponding data. You can perform a wide variety of functions from the User Interface giving you increased control over your tracking model.

More information

Production Tracking System definitions and guidelines.