9. PRT Services: Defined

PRT Services are at the highest level of the PRT database hierarchy. PRT Services manage the configured groups and regions.

PRT Services:

Manage groups and regions.

Allow configuration of one part of the plant, while other parts are in production mode.

Simplify and expedite database searches.

Can run simultaneously with CIMPLICITY and other Services.

Provide a snapshot of regions during production.

In PRT Service configuration, the External Process and External Hold Process cannot be the same process.


The following diagram shows three PRT Services configured for a set of groups and regions. All three of the example services can run simultaneously providing an overall view of factory production.

In the event one part of the factory requires configuration, one of the services can be taken down to make the necessary adjustments. The other two services can continue to run.

Note that the services reside at the highest level of the hierarchy and present another method for streamlining searches in the PRT database.


CIMPLICITY server with the Tracking system.







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