Item Associations: Tracking Rules

Item Associations can be specified at runtime via Application Interface messages.

The message will provide the child item type and the region ID where that item is the:

Next item to exit the region and

Item ID of a parent item (serialized item) the child (serialized or non-serialized item) is to be associated with.

Serialized Items may not be child members of an association.

Warning: The association of a non-serialized item to a serialized parent item can become corrupted or lost in the following three ways.

If a sequence error is detected for a non-serialized item in a region where the item has an associated parent Item.

If a non-serialized Item crosses a PRT service boundary and the PRT process for the first service is unable to provide the parent item data for the non-serialized item.

A non-serialized item has an associated parent item and the non-serialized item is placed on an item carrier with another item of the same item type.

PRT has no way of re-associating the Items when an association is lost except through a manual user transaction.

More information

1. Items: defined.