Item Attributes: Defined

In the PRT database, an item is simply a record and the attributes are fields in the record that you configure, such as color or model number.


Are configured by the user.

Can change during the production process.

Provide information that enables positive identification of an item and its location.

Can be dynamically created from one item when it is associated with another.

 Note: You can positively identify a serialized item by assigning it a unique identifier, such as a serial or part number; you can also identify it by its attributes.


The following diagram shows how an item can dynamically become an attribute of another item during production.

In a sample automobile factory six and eight-cylinder engines are being tracked, along with two and four-door car frames. These are all serialized items that are positively identified through the production process.

When the engine is inserted into a car frame, the engine dynamically becomes an attribute of that car frame in the tracking system.


The 6-cylinder engine is a serialized item.


The 2-door car frame is a serialized item.


The 6-cylinder engine is a:


Serialized item.

Attribute of the 2-door car frame.

This happens dynamically in the tracking system during production of the automobile.

Note: Production Tracking counts PRT items based on:


Item class

Various item attributes criteria

An item is included in a count if its attribute matches a configured set of criteria. In order for an item to be included in the count, the attribute value must be compared against a user-defined value.

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