Routes: Guidelines

Item movement is directed from the Source Tracking Region to the Destination Tracking Region and cannot reverse direction along a single route.

In a Tracking Route, if the Item Type is specified as a blank field or the wildcard character, all Types in the region are assumed to be allowed to travel this route between the Source and Destination Tracking Regions.

The Item Type may also contain a mix of text and wildcard characters.

The wildcard character is an asterisk (*).

PRT determines what Item to move to a Destination Region by using these two rules.

If positive identification of the item (either ID or type) through information provided by the transition indicator:

Is made available to PRT

The item or item type identified is moved from the source region to the destination region.

Not provided to PRT

The information PRT maintained about the Item(s) in the Source Region will be used.

More information

6. Routes: defined.