Sequential Region: Sequence Monitoring

A sequence error may be detected at the exit transition indicator of a Sequential Tracking Region when an Item does not arrive at the transition indicator in the expected order.

You will configure the action to be taken in a Tracking Region when an Item sequence error is detected.

The five configuration options are to:

Immediately place the item in the corresponding detainment Region.

Change the Item's status to DELAYED. Once the configured number of Items has exited the Region, the missing Item is placed in the corresponding detainment Region.

Scrap the missing Item.

Change the Item's status to DELAYED. Once the configured number of Items has exited the Region, the missing Item is scrapped.

Do nothing - sequence monitoring disabled.

Note: Sequential Tracking Regions of size one do not detect sequence errors.


In the event a sequence error is detected, PRT allows re-synchronization of the tracking environment, which can be done either manually or automatically. Further, if Automated Region Validation is configured, sequence processing occurs when the Items in the Region are reordered.

Options are:


The tracking environment can be manually re-synchronized by reconciling the Tracking Region queues using available functions in the PRT User Interface.

Available functions are as follows:

Add Item

Delete Item

Move Item

Fetch Item

Advance Item

Reorder Region


Automatic re-synchronization takes place when a serialized Item exits a Sequential Tracking Region in an out-of-sequence condition and is then re-synchronized in the destination region. PRT will process the Item according to the configuration for detected sequence errors in the Region.

PRT will:

Ensure the serialized Item is correctly identified in the queue of the destination region.

Assume the sequence of the Items in the source region is incorrect until the missing Item is scrapped or the delayed Item is removed.

Identify the item in the destination region when it is removed from the detainment region and placed in the destination region.

 Note: Regions configured with Automated Validation will potentially re-synchronize every Item as they enter the head location.

Items Scrapped

Production Tracking allows Items to be scrapped through a manual transaction or an application interface message. You can configure your Tracking Model to log the scrap event.

PRT logs:

The Item ID and Type for serialized Items

The Item Type for non-serialized Items.

Any comments entered for description purposes.

More information

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