Serialized Items: Defined

Serialized items are the parts or assembly that you want to positively identify as they are tracked through production.

Serialized items in the core Tracker (Order Execution Management provides increased capabilities.):

Have one or two unique identifiers.

Have 40 dynamic attributes that are configured by the user.

Allow positive identification as they progress through the tracking system.

Must be tagged so that they can be recognized by a sensor device, e.g. a bar code or radio tag.

The following diagram shows a computer monitor (serialized item) identified by the tracking system. The sensor reads the barcode on the monitor and relays the data back to the tracking system where an operator can access it.



CIMPLICITY server with the Tracking system.


A sensor reads the bar code on an item and relays the data back to the tracking system.


Bar code on a serialized item's part.


Serialized items that are uniquely identified by their serial number.

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