Serialized Items: Guidelines
  1. When a serialized Item first starts through the production process, PRT requests the:

Item type,

Status and

Attribute data.

  1. As the item goes through the production process, tracking data is collected and logged.

PRT processes items differently depending on the method used to start production.

If production start is originated by a:


Configuration data determines if Production Tracking will request an external process for additional information.

Manual transaction or
Application interface message

Additional tracking data may be included in the message. Also, an external process may be queried for additional information.

The following guidelines apply to serialized Items:

Each serialized item is assigned a unique Item ID.

Serialized items can also be identified and tracked by a reference ID.

A reference ID acts as an alternate key to locate the Item and Item ID.

The reference and Item IDs can be automatically associated through configuration data.

Reference and Item IDs can only be associated when an item is positively identified by a transition indicator.

A CIMPLICITY Point must be configured to report the reference ID through the transition indicator.

Reference and Item IDs can also be associated through an application interface message.

Out of sequence errors apply to serialized items only. (Unexpected item errors apply to non-serialized items.)

The route for a production start must be configured to provide the item ID if the item is to be serialized.

More information

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