Disperse Region: Tracking Rules

Required for disperse regions

A single region entry transition indication is required.

The region must be configured to have a region capacity of one.

Positive item type identification is required for individually dispersed Items.

If any of the items in a disperse region is serialized, it must be moved before the other items are dispersed from the region.

Allowed for disperse regions

Multiple region exit transition indications are allowed.

Special item behavior in disperse regions

If a region exit transition indicator has blanks specified for the type of item that may exit that point all items are tracked through that exit.

If a region exit transition indicator has configured a specific item type for that exit, only Items of that type are dispersed from the group of Items.

If the source region is not a disperse region, the exit transition will move all items at the source location. Otherwise, only the specified item is moved.

More information

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