Step 3. Name Regions: PRT Planning

When naming your regions, the most important thing to strive for is consistency. It helps to devise a naming convention that makes sense for your organization, and then write in the names on your diagram. By coming up with a standardized way of naming your regions, you prevent duplications in your database, and you can easily make additions to your Tracking Model in the future, if needed.

Some ideas for naming conventions are:

Use the Workstation ID that marks either the entry or exit point of the region.

Use the device ID that marks either the entry OR exit point of the region.

Base names on the functionality of the region, e.g. Assembly Line1, Oven 2, Robot 3, etc.

Base names on the location in the factory.

Limit names to a specific number of characters, for example 10 characters maximum.



All names are consistent with a chosen naming convention


Each region is named according to function


Each name has a maximum of 10 characters, which in the line with the example's chosen naming convention.

More information

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