Step 8. Define Item Classes: PRT Planning

Item classes are a broader category to include one or more item types, and provide another level in the database for simplifying and expediting searches.

Item classes are a way of further organizing your data into larger groups. Think on a broader level when defining your item classes. Use a standardized naming convention that is consistent for your organization. Item types do not have to belong to an item class but it is recommended.

 Important: Although item types do not have to belong to an item class, it is strongly recommended that you create item classes. Feel free to create just one item class to which all of your item types can belong.


Using the earlier example of the appliance factory, four broad categories have been defined for the item classes. The following chart provides an example of the item class definitions.


Item class for the refrigerator's item types.


Item class for the dryer's item types.


Item class for the washing machine's item types


Item class for all other item types.

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